Manami Suzuki – Winner of 2024 PTNA Participating in 27th International Piano Festival

Manami Suzuki won first place in both the 47th PTNA Piano Competition Superior Grade and the 92nd Japan Music Concours Piano Division, two of Japan’s largest competitions, in 2023. Her victories in both competitions in the same year mark the second occurrence.

Born in Osaka in 2002, Suzuki began playing the piano at the age of four. After graduating from Osaka Prefectural Yuhigaoka High School’s music course, she enrolled at Tokyo College of Music as a scholarship student. Currently, she is pursuing a master’s degree at Tokyo College of Music. She has received guidance from Chikako Inagaki, Miaki Sato, Rie Ishii, and Mizuho Nakada in the past. Presently, she is studying under Katsunori Ishii. Additionally, she has received instruction from world-class pianists and piano professors such as Elisso Virsaladze, Ronan O’Hora, Markus Schirmer, Noriko Ogawa, and Luis Fernando Perez at the Hamamatsu International Piano Academy (2023-2024) , the masterclasses of PTNA (Piano Teachers’ National Association of Japan) and other masterclasses.

Suzuki won First Prize in the Hupfer Division of the 27th HUPFER Tosu Piano Competition and Fourth Prize in the piano division of the 32nd Takarazuka Vega Music Competition. In August 2023, she received the Grand Prix and Audience Award at the 47th PTNA Piano Competition, as well as the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award and the Steinway Award. In October of the same year, Suzuki won First Prize in the piano division of the 92nd Japan Music Concours, the Iwatani Prize (Audience Award), Nomura Prize, Iguchi Prize, Kawai Prize, Miyake Prize, Argerich Arts Foundation Prize, and INPEX Prize. Following these awards, recitals were held in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and various other locations, receiving favorable reviews. Additionally, Suzuki has performed with the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, and Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. Furthermore, for the 2024 season, she is scheduled to perform solo recitals at the Beppu Argerich Music Festival and collaborate with the Central Aichi Symphony Orchestra and Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra.

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