We invite pianists, piano duos, chamber ensembles with piano and conductors. All talented music students and graduates from all countries may apply. There is no strict age limit, but only advanced applicants will be considered for public performances. Juvenile participants must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Candidates may choose any repertoire for study. We recommend to include a solo piece by a Polish composer. Selected pieces should be memorized.

Concerto Performance:
(a movement of a concerto from the following works):

  • Bach D Minor, F Minor, G Minor
  • Haydn D Major,
  • Mozart KV 175, 238, 271, 246, 413, 414
  • Chopin E Minor and F Minor

Scholarship Competition:

To participate in the competition students need to perform:
  • One of the Chopin Etude from Op.10 or Op.25
  • One selection of prelude and Fugue from the Well Tempered Klavier.
  • Major work need to be a complete Sonata (three or four movements)
  • Age restriction – students enrolled in College, age up to 40 only may audition

The concerto performance with the festival chamber orchestra is always on the last day of the festival followed by a reception at the hotel.

The cost of participation for pianists is $1500 per person, for piano duos $2100. It includes accommodation, three meals a day and the cost of transportation from the airport. The room and board fee for observers, guests and family members is $1000. Travel expenses to Poland, admission fees to museums, and meals while on sightseeing tours, are not included. Participants will be accommodated in double rooms with bathrooms at the CSW Energetyk Hotel in Nałęczów.

Please make sure you have an appropriate medical insurance coverage before travelling to Poland. We are not responsible for the cost of the doctor’s care, medicine or hospitalization.

Deadline & Fees
The suggested deadline for sending applications and a registration fee of $100 is June 1, but we recommend to apply as soon as possible because we can only accept a limited number of candidates. You can pay the registration fee by an international wire transfer or cash upon arrival in Poland. The participation fee is due by the first day of the festival. Please make the transfer to:
Nałęczowska Fundacja Muzyczna
ul. Dr. Tadeusza Tyszkiewicza 20,
24-120 Kazimierz Dolny

Bank name and address:
Bank Spółdzielczy w Nałęczowie
ul. 1-go Maja 16
24-150 Nałęczów

Account/IBAN#: PL 10 8733 0009 0018 1510 2000 0010
U.S. residents may pay the fee by cashier’s check or US bank personal check, only if mailed before June 1 to: Kazimierz Brzozowski 2120 Callie Drive, Commerce Township, MI 48390 U.S.A.

For more information please contact:
Kazimierz Brzozowski – Director

Application Form

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